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Structural genomics is a worldwide initiative aimed at quickly determining a large number of protein structures using X-ray crystallographic and NMR technologies. These structures are being determined in a high throughput mode as the study of protein structure is central in molecular biology and in the understanding of disease.

Structural Genomics Initiatives

  • Worldwide Structural Genomics Initiatives: Worldwide contributing centers with links to their resources, as well as reports for each center including target lists, target status progress, targets in the PDB, and sequence redundancy analyses.


  • TargetDB: Information on the progress of the production and solution of structures.
  • PepcDB: PepcDB extends the content of TargetDB with status history, stop conditions, reusable text protocols and contact information collected from the PSI Centers.

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Scientists at the Center for High-Throughput Structural Biology have manipulated the metabolic pathways in yeast to reduce selenomethionine toxicity, a major impediment to using yeast as routine expression host to obtain protein targets for X-ray crystallography with anomalous dispersion phasing. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences. 2007 Apr 17; 104(16): 6678-83.

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